Message for Parents

"How can I help my child transition their faith into adulthood?"

Krista Bontrager develops a strategy for parents and educators to make the most of their time with the children in their care. Based on Psalm 90:12, this practical message will equip Christians to be more intentional about their efforts to disciple the next generation.

Order the Teach Us to Number Our Days DVD from Reasons to Believe.


School of Ministry

Two Worlds School of Ministry

Krista has assembled a series of online classes to train Christians to share their faith.

Youth Club

>>> Visit the official club web site. <<<

Krista formerly taught a weekly discussion club for Christian teens at her church. Those recordings are archived on the club's web site.

Ask Theology Mom

SEND KRISTA your question about religion, homeschooling, education, curriculum, or how the Bible applies to your life situation.

NOTE: Please be aware that Krista does not to email inquiries re: issues related to mental illness or deliverance. You can visit her youtube channel to access her teachings there.

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    Krista's "Theology Mom" YouTube channel offers an array of videos on topics related to the Bible and education.

    For messages from the Truth Seekers Club, please visit the web site.

    For messages from the Foundations Class, please visit the web site.



    Talking to LDS Members

    Quick tips to help historic Christians better understand their LDS neighbors.

    Talking to LDS Members


    Tough Questions

    Do you struggle to answer tough questions from unbelievers about your faith? This teaching series will help you overcome fear, walk with greater compassion, and share Jesus with love and boldness. Come and be empowered to engage in culturally relevant conversations with your OIKOS. Fall 2016–Spring 2017.


    Live Broadcasts

    Live teaching sessions and Ask Me Anything (AMA).


    Difficult Marriage and Divorce

    In this teaching series, theologian Krista Bontrager explores various topics related to surviving a difficult marriage and considerations for legitimate divorce.


    Everyday Evangelism

    Theologian Krista Bontrager has assembled an online course to help students kickstart their evangelism efforts in this series of practical teachings. Available through the Two Worlds School of Ministry.