Small Group Study

Introduce your church or youth group to the biblical basis for old-earth creationism.

Old Blog

My previous blog: Old Earth Creation Homeschool (now inactive).

High School Curriculum

This year-long science apologetics program is designed to prepare high school students to confront key questions related to the interface between science and Scripture that they will encounter in their university studies and beyond.

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Whether it involves working on a blog entry or developing a book or article idea, I am always looking for fresh ways to connect theology with every day life.

My “inspirations” usually come through some kind of life situation (frequently involving my children) that provides an illustration of a particular theological idea. Writing is also a wonderful way to express what God is doing in my life and how He is developing my faith — both in heart and mind.


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Inspiring the Next Generation of Scientists

Read Krista's thoughts about encouraging Christian students to consider science as a noble profession.

Modern science was birthed out of a Christian worldview. Many of the early pioneers of science—such as Galileo and Copernicus—were either Christians or working within the realm of Christian presuppositions. Unfortunately, the current cultural climate between science and Christianity isn’t as friendly. more...

Inspiring the Next Generation of Scientists


Truth Seekers: Parent Preparedness

Read Krista's thoughts about reaching Christian teens with sound evidence for our faith.

My husband enjoys watching “prepper” shows, where people spend significant time and money preparing to survive long after a disaster strikes. While most people simply throw together an obligatory three-day emergency kit, preppers ready themselves for various crises. Likewise, Christian parents take different approaches to preparing for their child’s spiritual emergencies. more...

Truth Seekers: Parent Preparedness


What I Did on Summer Vacation

Read about Krista's first trip to the Grand Canyon.

Our family has started a new tradition: end-of-the-school-year blowouts. A few weeks ago we left on the first day of summer vacation for the Grand Canyon. more...


Truth Seekers: Engaging Teens in Apologetics

Read Krista's thoughts about reaching Christian teens with sound evidence for our faith.

If I were to choose one word to describe the faith of today’s Christian youth, it would be fragile. Last fall I launched an apologetics club at my church to help buttress the faith of my daughter and her friends. At the very first meeting we wrote up a list of the teens’ faith questions. Want to know what their biggest questions were? more...

Truth Seekers: Engaging Teens in Apologetics


Science-Faith Resources for Homeschoolers

Read Krista's suggestions for science-faith resources for Christian homeschool families.

It's the most wonderful time of the year if you’re a homeschool parent. As the school year comes to a close, many homeschoolers are already looking down the corridors of time preparing for the fall—and, before next year, one of their first stops will be a local homeschool convention. more...


Truth Seekers: Becoming the Solution

Read Krista's thoughts about reaching Christian teens with sound evidence for our faith.

One day, it hit me that in a few short years, my daughter and her friends will be heading for college where they’ll face serious challenges to their faith. I wondered, what can I do to help transition their childhood faith into adult conviction? Out of this concern was born the Truth Seekers club—a safe environment at my church where teens can ask their faith questions and investigate answers. more...

Truth Seekers: Becoming the Solution