High School Apologetics

Krista leads a weekly high school apologetics club at her church, called the Truth Seekers. She makes recordings of these discussions, along with outlines, available as self-paced worldview training for all.


Krista is a regular contributor to the e-zine, New Reasons To Believe.

Small Group Study

Introduce your church or youth group to the biblical basis for old-earth creationism.

Old Blog

My previous blog: Old Earth Creation Homeschool (now inactive).

High School Curriculum

This year-long science apologetics program is designed to prepare high school students to confront key questions related to the interface between science and Scripture that they will encounter in their university studies and beyond.

Visit the Reasons Academy web site for more details.

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In Search of the Real Adam

A question frequently posed to Reasons To Believe is, how does RTB’s model differ from that of theistic evolution? One fundamental difference lies in each model’s view of Adam. more...

In Search of the Real Adam, New Reasons To Believe, Oct. 2010, see page 22.

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