Small Group Study

Introduce your church or youth group to the biblical basis for old-earth creationism.

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My previous blog: Old Earth Creation Homeschool (now inactive).

High School Curriculum

This year-long science apologetics program is designed to prepare high school students to confront key questions related to the interface between science and Scripture that they will encounter in their university studies and beyond.

Visit the Reasons Academy web site for more details.

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Curriculum Review: Exploring Creation

Homeschool mom Jeannie Fulbright’s Exploring Creation series has become wildly popular among Christian homeschool parents. Fulbright provides a user-friendly science curriculum from a creation perspective. The texts are nicely bound in hardcover and filled with colorful pictures. Each lesson is organized with a narrative, notebook journal, an activity, and a project, which reflects the Charlotte Mason approach. By focusing on a single subject for an entire year, she exposes students to a wide array of topics, many of which are omitted from standard science texts. more...

Curriculum Review: Exploring Creation,” New Reasons To Believe, April 2011, see page 19.

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