Looking for high school Bible curriculum? Krista leads a weekly high school apologetics club at her church, called the Truth Seekers. She makes recordings of these discussions, along with outlines, available as self-paced worldview training for all.


Krista is a regular contributor to the e-zine, New Reasons To Believe.

Small Group Study

Introduce your church or youth group to the biblical basis for old-earth creationism.

Old Blog

My previous blog: Old Earth Creation Homeschool (now inactive).

High School Curriculum

This year-long science apologetics program is designed to prepare high school students to confront key questions related to the interface between science and Scripture that they will encounter in their university studies and beyond.

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Whether it involves working on a blog entry or developing a book or article idea, I am always looking for fresh ways to connect theology with every day life.

My “inspirations” usually come through some kind of life situation (frequently involving my children) that provides an illustration of a particular theological idea. Writing is also a wonderful way to express what God is doing in my life and how He is developing my faith — both in heart and mind. I write two standing columns (“Bible Bookend” and “Educator's Help Desk”) in the Reasons To Believe e-zine, New Reasons To Believe.

- Krista

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Evaluating the Role of the James Ossuary

Read Krista's guest post on the "Take Two" blog.

The James ossuary box made a big splash several years ago. Headlines around the world heralded its astounding inscription, “James, son of Joseph, brother of James.” Reputable scholars from around the world were commenting on its significance. Christians were cautious, but excited. more...


Forging New Paths in Science-Faith Careers

Read Krista's article about emerging careers in science for Christian students:

Christians are uniquely positioned to transform the culture for Christ as they engage it at the highest academic levels, especially in science. Reasons To Believe hopes to play a role in raising an army of Christian young people who are committed to developing their minds to the glory of God. more...


New Frontiers in Christian Apologetics

Read Krista's article about an emerging area of science called, biomimetics. It offers some unique opportunities for Christian students to contribute to in the future.

Biomimetics, or biologically inspired design, is an emerging discipline where scientists study designs from nature and adapt them to solve real-world problems. Some classic examples include DaVinci’s flying machines based on his study of birds or examining gecko feet to enhance the stickiness of tape. Biomimetics motivates us to see living organisms as agents of inspiration for human innovation. more...


Biblical Foundation for RTB's Flood Model

Read Krista's summary of Hugh Ross’s flood model––based on his best efforts to interpret the record of nature and the words of the Bible––rests on three distinct biblical beliefs. more...


Curriculum Review: Exploring Creation

Homeschool mom Jeannie Fulbright’s Exploring Creation series has become wildly popular among Christian homeschool parents. Fulbright provides a user-friendly science curriculum from a creation perspective. The texts are nicely bound in hardcover and filled with colorful pictures. Each lesson is organized with a narrative, notebook journal, an activity, and a project, which reflects the Charlotte Mason approach. By focusing on a single subject for an entire year, she exposes students to a wide array of topics, many of which are omitted from standard science texts. more...

Curriculum Review: Exploring Creation,” New Reasons To Believe, April 2011, see page 19.


Who's Your Mommy?

I grew up in the 70s: channeling Evel Knievel on my bike, carrying a Star Wars lunch box, and having some rather unfortunate encounters with bell-bottom pants. I’m sure I’m not alone in my recollection of a popular margarine commercial where viewers were admonished not to fool “Mother Nature.” Little did I know, this memorable tagline introduced me to a character who has come to dominate our cultural dialogue: Mother Nature or Mother Earth. more...

Who's Your Mommy? New Reasons To Believe, January 2011, see page 23.