Krista Bontrager

Krista Bontrager is a fourth generation minister. She is a Bible scholar, lay minister, author, teacher, former university professor and homeschool mom. Krista’s teaching reverberates with Christians from all walks of life. She has a unique ability to communicate the truth of Scripture in an accessible and practical way. She has dedicated her life to helping others discover how to love God in Spirit and truth.

Krista’s ability to connect theology with real life is borne out of personal experience. Behind her academic career is a story of God’s empowering work to triumph over deep personal adversity. Krista was raised as an only child by her mother. Although Krista was introduced to the Gospel of Jesus Christ at a young age, her faith took on a deeper

personal meaning as a teenager and young adult. During her seminary years, she began to see the great transformational power theology could have on a person’s spiritual growth. Her enthusiasm and academic excellence led to her being hired to teach biblical studies at Biola University at the age of 27. Krista enjoys exploring how theology applies to the real life situations that Christians face today.

Krista survived two near-fatal pregnancies and was then diagnosed with bipolar disorder at age 35. Ten years later, she was miraculously healed from multiple psychological disorders. Krista believes life is full of challenges, but has learned to see these as opportunities to grow and walk with the Lord in new and profound ways. 


M.A. – Bible Exposition, Talbot School of Theology

M.A. – Theology, Talbot School of Theology

B.A. – Communications, Radio/TV/Film, Biola University


Krista holds personal beliefs consistent with the Nicene Creed.

Read Krista's public statement about her denominational perspective on Facebook.

Krista maintains an active membership in the Evangelical Theological Society.

Krista is the Resident Theology Advisor for Women in Apologetics.

Krista is a licensed minister in the Southern Baptist Convention (SBC).


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