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I first heard Krista speak at a women’s conference and was completely blown away. She was engaging, interesting, and witty, while delivering a well-researched, precise, and theologically meaty presentation. Everyone was captivated. Since then I have gotten to know Krista as a friend and colleague and especially appreciate her loyalty to Christ, commitment to biblical Christianity, and her humble spirit. She is the

real deal.” 

Alisa Chilcers

Author, Another Gospel?


With the rise of social media, anyone can call him or herself a “Bible teacher” and gather a following. Unfortunately, many of those with the largest platforms are sharing anything BUT biblical truth. Krista isn’t yet known by many people, but my prayer is that she will be. She has an invaluable breadth and depth of biblical knowledge, as well as a sophisticated understanding of today’s most pressing cultural issues. I highly recommend Krista as a trusted, approachable teacher for any church audience.


Natasha Crain

Author, Keeping Your Kids on God's Side

Church Aisles

A complete God-send.


Krista has a love and passion for teaching Scripture. She is unafraid to tackle the tough issues we find in Scripture and address them from a historically Christian perspective. In today's postmodern, seeker friendly church culture, Krista's boldness is refreshing. 


Gifted. Compassionate. Thoughtful. Krista's love for and commitment to Scripture and her gift for teaching were the catalyst that led me out of a Critical Race Theory framework, into a worldview centered on historic Christianity, and gave me courage to start the Center for Biblical Unity.


Anyone who hasn't heard her teach is really missing out!

Monique Duson

Founder, Center for Biblical Unity


Krista is a rare find. She blazed the trail for women in theology and apologetics. She is well informed, well studied, and most importantly, spiritually grounded. Krista seeks to not only love the Lord through study, but also seeks out the direction and voice of God. It is a rare combination, as people often gravitate towards one of the two extremes. Krista is teachable, kind, a gifted teacher, and most importantly, is most concerned about building up the body of Christ no matter what it costs her personally. I cannot recommend her enough.


Hillary Morgan Ferrer

Founder, Mama Bear Apologetics

College Library

“When I first met Krista, I was struck by her kindness. Not willing to waste any opportunity to share the gospel and the love of God, you can often find Krista praying with a complete stranger or offering them a word of hope. She treats people as image bearers of God and approaches topics fairly, with a commitment to Biblical truth. Her passion for God, for truth, and for evangelism is inspiring and contagious. Krista is among a handful of people whom I would say has a clear gift for teaching and her work is one of the first sources I recommend to people when they’re looking for solid Biblical teaching from a historic Christian framework. Krista is a true scholar who doesn’t run away from addressing tough topics and who creates an inviting atmosphere with her wit, gentleness, and thorough research.”

Rachel Shockey

President, Women in Apologetics


Krista Bontrager leads a regular discussion group for students in the discipleship program at the Village of Hope, which serves formerly homeless men, women, and children.  Many of our students are new to faith, and they have a lot of questions.  Krista is well studied and steeped in her understanding of scripture.  She handles the tough questions thoroughly and Biblically, but in a disarming and winsome way that is attractive to people who are new to these types of conversations. .

Bryan Crain,

COO, Orange County Rescue Mission


Krista Bontrager is a contemporary pioneer for women in theology, demonstrating that ideal balance of nurturing both the heart and mind. Gifted with superior training, decades of studying and teaching, and a powerful testimony, Krista models how to approach the deep questions of life through the lens of the Old and New Testament. Unafraid of examining the toughest cultural and religious issues--even Christian traditions--Krista shares her journey of that search for truth. Modeling gentleness and kindness to those with whom she disagrees, Krista is a prime example how the church is called to take a stand for truth of Christianity, but with love and grace. Follow Krista through her writings, podcasts and videos--learn how to seek truth, and then proclaim              and defend the truth with               gentleness and respect. 

Laurie Stewart

Co-Founder, Intelligent Faith

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