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Teaching Series: 2–Minute Sermons

A few months ago, I starting taking walks almost every day. As I walk, I often have a conversation with the Lord. Sometimes, I record a short video and share what the Lord and I have been talking about that day.

These videos are very informal. I'm often walking (and a little out of breath) as I record the message on my phone. In the beginning, I was just posting these for my personal friends on Facebook. But I decided to clean them up a bit and put them on my YouTube channel. Hopefully, they will inspire you and you'll share one with a friend.

"Transformed" is a series of short teachings by lay minister, Krista Bontrager about living the Christian life. If you like what I'm doing here, please consider supporting this ministry by visiting

YouTube (streaming video): "Transformed || 2–Minute Sermons"

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