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Weekly Show: All The Things

I have dreamed for several years of doing a weekly livestream where I could explore current events in light of the Christian worldview. I wanted to create a show that I didn't see on Christian television, one where I could discuss connections between real life and theology. I also knew that I had built a network of interesting people over the years that I thought would make for great guests.

But I didn't want to just stare into a camera and talk to myself. I thought it would make for a much better show if I could have some give-and-take with someone else. Preferably someone from a different racial or cultural context.

But, I couldn't find the right partner.

Until about nine months ago. The Lord brought a very special person into my life that I thought might actually be a good match. I approached her with the idea, and she was open to the risk, even though she hasn't had any on-camera experience before. Very brave!

So, my husband began rearranging our living room to create a small set and bootstrapping a multi-camera set-up together. Join us as we are take a risk and launch a little livestream. I hope you'll join us for this adventure.

My co-host will be Ms. Monique Duson (Follow her @therealmoniqued on Twitter). She grew up in South Central L.A. and graduated from Biola University. She is a social worker, former children's pastor and also a former missionary who worked in Cape Flats, South Africa. I know that viewers are going to have a great time getting to know Monique. She's incredible.

Here's the details about how to catch the show.

  • "All The Things" –– The show where we discuss all the things related to God, the Bible and real life.

  • Saturdays at 6 PM (Pacific)/9 PM (Eastern)

  • Livestream on YouTube and Facebook.

  • We will field questions from the audience during the livestream.

  • Audio version of the show will be available on Soundcloud, Apple Podcasts, Google Play and Spotify (search "Theology Mom").

  • Past episodes along with additional resources will be posted each week on my web site.

While you're here, go check out more of our behind-the-scenes antics.


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