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All The Random Things

We selected a series of social media posts from the week to comment on and connect to the Christian worldview. Also, our Muslim friend, Juad, had a great question about the incarnation of Jesus.

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Welcome to "All The Things." This is the show where we discuss culturally relevant topics through the lens of the historic Christian worldview.

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Segment #1: Dad Helps Daughter Spin Hula Hoop

Father of the Year material right here. Way to go, dad!

Krista mentioned a 2013 study during the segment by the CDC about the involvement of black fathers in their kids' lives. You can check out that data for yourself here.

#dads #black #father


Segment #2: Promise Sawyer and Her Brave Afro

The real is, Krista loves a good afro. This middle school girl is wearing her natural hair loud and proud. Just the way God made it to come out of her head! Go ahead, Promise! We support you.

#black #hair #natural


Segment #3: Teacher Greeting her School Kids

Jesus honored children and treated them with dignity. We loved this teacher's idea to allow her students to choose their own greeting.

#children #greeting #teacher


Segment #4: How Can Jesus be Both God and Human?

Our Muslim friend, Juad, asked a great question about the incarnation of Jesus. Krista attempted to explain one of the great mysteries of our faith.

#Jesus #incarnation #human #God


Segment #5: Sidewalk Pro-Life Apologist

Very few youth pastors understand the power that it can have to teach their students apologetics. Here is a great example of the impact a peer-to-peer conversation can have. More of this, please!

#prolife #abortion #conversation #debate


Segment #6: Big sister sings to Down syndrome brother

Dealing with a family member who has a disability can be challenging. We know. We've had our fair share of those. So, naturally, this video caught our attention. All humans matter.

#compassion #family #disability #dignity


Segment #7: Stranger Buys Clothes for Family

We are living in a cultural moment where people are so busy screaming at each other on social media that you'd think there is no humankindness left in the world. Thankfully, there are still decent people in the world. More of this, please.

#love #kindness #neighbor


Segment #8: Seminary Students Confessed Their Sins to Plants

This week, students at Union Seminary confessed their sins to plants in chapel. It was a liturgy to confess the harm they've done to plants, speaking directly in repentance.

We've heard of confessing our sins to God and to others. But to plants?!

#confession #plants #seminary


Tweet of the Week: Liberating Evangelicalism conference

The Liberating Evangelicalism conference convened last weekend in Chicago. It was quite an eye-opening experience. Check out the twitter feed here. It offered a glimpse into where Critical Race Theory is heading in the church.

Which is why it's very important for Christians to be informed about Critical Race Theory. Be sure to catch our latest video.

#slavery #Bible #evangelicalism

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