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Doctrinal Drift at MOPS?

Reaching New Moms with the Gospel | Curse of Ham and the Origin of the Black Race?

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Segment #1: Is MOPS drifting away from historic Christianity?

Krista was contacted a few months ago by a follower who expressed concern about possible drift happening in recent years at MOPS. Krista began looking into this issue in more detail.

So we invited Sarah Wilkins from All Moms Ministry in Enid, OK on the show to talk about her heart for reaching new moms with the Gospel. We also discussed her concerns about doctrinal drift at MOPS. This is the blog post Sarah wrote back in 2016 (published on her pastor's site) that recorded her initial concerns, in an attempt to raise visibility about these problems.

As a follow up to the interview, Krista also recorded a review of the book, Starry-Eyed, by Mandy Arioto. She became the president of MOPS in 2016 and has been spearheading many of the changes at the organization.

After the show aired, Krista continued to research the issue and posted several additional videos summarizing her findings. Check out her MOPS playlist on YouTube.

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Segment #2: Was the Curse of Ham the Source of the Black Race?

Krista is doing a series on race issues on her YouTube channel. Recently, she did some teaching on the peculiar passage in Genesis 9 about the curse of Ham and whether it is the source of the black race. We wrapped up the show with a little discussion about Genesis 9 and race issues.

Part 1

Part 2

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