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How do we talk to Gen Z about Christianity?

Guest: college campus evangelist, Jane Pantig from Ratio Christi; Who are Gen Z and what do they believe?; Blues musician Daryl Davis befriends KKK members

Welcome to "All The Things." This is the show where we discuss culturally relevant topics through the lens of the historic Christian worldview.

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Segment #1: Reaching Gen Z with the Gospel

Gen Z were born after the Millennials, from the mid-1990s to early-2000s. These kids are in college now. They’ve grown up in a post-9/11, smartphone age. They are called "digital natives."

A lot of our viewers have kids and grand kids in this group, but are struggling to know how to talk to them about faith. Many are unchurched or de-churched.

Our friend, Jane Pantig is an evangelist to Gen Z. We asked her to lead us through an important discussion on reaching these students with the Gospel.

Here are some of the questions we covered.

  • Do most of the students who stop and talk with you already have some church background or are they unchurched?

  • How would you describe the worldview of the average college student you encounter?

  • What are some of the most common obstacles that Gen Z has to historic Christianity?

  • What are some things that you think Millennials and Gen X people misunderstand about Gen Z?

  • What can parents do to reach their kids’ friends who come in and out of their home?

Find out more about Ratio Christi.

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Segment #2: How can a black man be accused of racism?

Monique and Krista have been having a series of conversations on YouTube about Critical Race Theory coming into evangelical churches. Last week, Neil Shenvi tweeted about blues musician, Daryl Davis. It's a perfect example of CRT in action.

Here is a screen cap of Daryl's post that Neil linked to:

That then led us to listen to this interview with Daryl on NPR ("All Things Considered"). And then there was this article in The Atlantic.

We are so curious about Daryl. What motivates him to engage in these friendships? (Daryl, want to come on our show?)

In the meantime, check out our latest video on Critical Race Theory in the church.

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