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How To Choose a Church

Recap/Update on Last Week's Woke Church Discussion | Monique took Krista to the 'Hood | Evaluating a Church | MOPS teaching series

Welcome to "All The Things." This is the show where we discuss culturally relevant topics in light of the historic Christian worldview. We hope you'll check out the show and tell a friend (or three). Give us some "share" love to help us spread the word about the show.

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Segment #1: Recap/Update on the Woke Church Discussion

We received some great feedback on last week's show. Monique responds to one viewer's question about whether there are parallels between critical race theory and personhood theory.

Monique also took Krista on a day trip to the 'hood in South Central L.A., which included a shopping excursion to the Slauson Swap Meet. We had a wonderful day together and Krista experienced being in the minority.

#race #woke #church


Segment #2: Finding a Church

The real: looking for a new church is hard. Several weeks ago, we did a discussion about "Why Should I Care About Going to Church?" So, rather than just giving up on church, we wanted to look for some options.

We drove down the street to see what churches they could find in our neighborhood. Let's just say we got a little carried away with the selfies.

But the options were somewhat overwhelming. If you want to make your way through the maze of church denominations, Krista has a crash course.

Then we discussed some practical tips on what to look for on a church's web site. What do they believe? What are they about? Are they conservative or progressive?

Here are a couple of our favorites church web sites:

#search #denominations #church


Segment #3: Tweet of the Week: Is it Woke to Leave the Church?

Krista spends more time on Twitter than is probably wise. This week, this tweet caught her eye.

Krista recommended that if people want to understand what's actually essential to Christianity and what's cultural, investigate some ancient faith resources. Here is an Orthodox YouTube channel that she enjoys: Coptic Orthodox Answers.

#church #woke #race


Segment #4: MOPS Teaching Series

Several weeks ago we interviewed Sarah Wilkins about her concerns that MOPS is drifting into progressive theology. Krista has been following up that conversation with her own research on the issue. She has been documenting her journey on YouTube.

Here is one of those discussions:

#MOPS #moms #theology

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