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Is Healing for Today?

Guest: missionary and evangelist, Art Thomas; Is it God's will to heal? What is the role of “faith” in healing? | How could a loving God send people to hell? | Alisa Childers' podcast

Welcome to "All The Things." This is the show where we discuss culturally relevant topics through the lens of the historic Christian worldview.

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Segment #1: Is Healing for Today?

About 4 ½ years ago, Krista was unexpectedly and supernaturally healed from 30 years of mental illness. Here are a couple videos documenting that experience:

Prior to this, she believed in miracles but had never actually seen one. She thought they were possible, but rare. Her own healing wrecked this theology a bit and sent her down a rabbit hole on watching over a 100 videos about healing on YouTube, as she was trying to make sense of what happened to her.

One of the videos she watched during this period was by missionary and evangelist, Art Thomas. It was truly an honor to have Art on the show! We had a great conversation tackling some of his perspectives on healing and the supernatural.

  • What is your basis for believing that miraculous healings should be common, and not rare, today?

  • Is healing a spiritual gift that's available for a few people? Or is it something all Christians are called to do?

  • Why do there seem to be more healings in other parts of the world than in the States?

  • What do we make of people who don’t get healed?

For more about Art and his ministry, please check out these links.

#healing #mission #evangelism #faith


Segment #2: How can a loving God send people to hell?

A few weeks ago, Krista did a mid-week livestream where she talked about the recent de-conversions from prominent Christian leaders.

During that broadcast, one of our frequent viewers, Juad (our Muslim friend), asked the question, How can a loving God send people to hell who have never heard of him? Krista forgot to answer the question, so she wanted to circle back to that.

For more thoughts about this question, check out the opening statement from a debate by Dr. William Lane Craig.

#evangelism #apologetics #theology


Segment #3: Alisa Childers' podcast

If you haven't already subscribed to Alisa Childers' podcast, we highly recommend fixing that. Alisa is doing ground-breaking work on issues related to progressive evangelicalism.

In her most recent podcast, she interviews Amy Hall (from Stand to Reason) about Sarah Bessey's (author, Jesus Feminist) recent blog post describing her journey to becoming gay affirming.

Alisa and Amy take a close look at Bessey's interpretation of Matthew 15, in which she claims Jesus demonstrated a racist attitude toward a Syrophoenician woman. Bessey reasons that if Jesus can change His mind about someone from another race, why shouldn't she be open to changing her mind about LGBT people? Alisa and Amy do a great job of exposing how Bessey's assertion is out of step with principles of sound Bible interpretation.

If you're new to the conversation about progressive evangelicalism, check out my Facebook note: "Progressive Theology, Social Justice and Critical (Race) Theory." It's a crash course on these pervasive ideas.

#progressivism #apologetics #theology #evangelicalism

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