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Should Christians Celebrate Halloween?

Halloween is coming; Was the Bible written by marginalized people to marginalized people?; Christianity and human rights

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Welcome to "All The Things." This is the show where we discuss culturally relevant topics through the lens of the historic Christian worldview.

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Segment #1: Should Christians Celebrate Halloween?

This question comes up around this time every year. There are basically 2 views:

  • “Halloween is a harmless holiday where kids dress up in spooky costumes and get free candy.”

  • “Halloween is a demonically inspired holiday that Christians should not participate in.”.

In times past, I always referred people to my colleague, Ken Samples' article, "The Tricky Topic of Halloween." As a mom, I directed my children to have fun on Halloween. Eat as much candy as you want for one night. Create fun costumes. But we didn’t allow anything inspired by demons or witchcraft.

But I’ve kind of changed my mind about this a bit. We have some additional thoughts. See what you think.

#Halloween #Christians #holiday


Segment #2: Was the Bible written by marginalized people to marginalized people?

Last week we discussed the Evolving Faith conference a bit. Krista wanted to follow that up with some thoughts about Jen Hatmaker's post about the conference. Hatmaker was one of the major speakers at the conference.

In particular, we commented about this passage. Is it true that the Bible was written by marginalized people to marginalized people?

#evolvingfaith19 #marginalized #sociallocation


Segment #3: Does the Christian worldview contradict the idea of human dignity and human rights?

Let’s look into the future a bit. We try to stay off politics as much as possible, except when there is a direct tie in to the Christian worldview.

But this week a British court declared Biblical understanding of sex ‘incompatible with human dignity.’

A British court ruled against a doctor –– David Mackereth –– worked as a disability assessor for the UK’s Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) was fired after being questioned by an employment agency official about how he would handle clients who asked to be referred to as members of the opposite sex. The court declared that a Christian understanding of sex is inherently unjust.

Here is a link to the court's decision.

Then, presidential candidate Beto made this comment at the CNN Equality Town Hall. We have some thoughts.

#LGBT #Christian #taxes


Tweet of the Week: Ellen says, "It's good to have friends with different views."

Ellen went to the Cowboys game last Sunday. And was photographed sitting next to George W. Bush.

Once again, cancel culture rushed in with judgment. So then, she had to explain herself. “I'm friends with George Bush. It's good to have friends with different views.”

#cancelculture #ellen #Bush

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