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The Great Awokening

A Crash Course on Critical Race Theory

Last weekend, Monique and I did a breakout session at the Women in Apologetics conference about Critical Race Theory. If you'd like to see our full conference presentation, it's available by purchasing the WIA livestream.

We also put together a series of 9 conversations explaining the ABCs of Critical Race Theory. So, if you keep hearing about CRT and wondering what it is, but don't know where to start, this is the place!

Our hope is to raise awareness about CRT among Christians because it is a hugely influential, secular competitor to the Gospel right now. A well-equipped Christian apologist needs to understand some basics of CRT.

CRT is also hijacking many churches and Christian universities. So Christians need to know how to recognize when CRT ideas are being introduced into their local church. It's also vital that Christian parents train themselves in the basics of CRT so they can discuss it with their children and warn them about this error.

We hope you enjoy our conversations and will share them with your friends and family.

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