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Woke Church Movement

Is your church drifting into "woke" theology? Does being "woke" contradict the Bible? | Tweet: "How can we be saved?" | Should we be racially "color blind"?

Welcome to "All The Things." This is the show where we discuss culturally relevant topics in light of the historic Christian worldview. We hope you'll check out the show and tell a friend (or three). Give us some "share" love to help us spread the word about the show.

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Segment #1: Juneteenth

Krista surprised Monique at the opening of the show with a pop quiz about Juneteenth, which was this past week.

Here is a short crash course on Juneteenth, Schoolhouse Rock style.


Segment #2: Woke Church Movement

Monique recently attended a black graduation at a major university. She was deeply troubled by the amount of verbal violence being spoken against white people. So, we invited Jamal Bandy from to join us for a safe and sane conversation about race and the impact of critical race theory on the church. Trust us, you do NOT want to miss this discussion!

Here are some of the questions we covered:

  • What is the "woke" church movement?

  • Who are some of the Christian leaders promoting woke church ideas?

  • It seems like several of the key leaders come out of the Reformed tradition. Why is that?

  • Why do you think the impact is of woke church movement?

  • What are some of the signs that a church is drifting into woke church theology?

During the interview, we alluded to events that happened recently at the Sparrow Women's Conference (2019). Check out Krista's "explainer" video for more about that issue.

Here are some additional resources that we have found helpful on this issue:

  • Krista has a playlist set up on YouTube of her teachings related to race issues. That's a good place to start.

  • Check out Jamal's YouTube channel. He has some solid comments there about issues related to the woke church and critical race theory.

  • Krista and Monique recommend the work of apologist, Dr. Neil Shenvi. He has a very balanced and careful approach.

  • Krista has really enjoyed reading Miles McPherson's book, The Third Option. Solid biblical (not fluffy) and practical teaching there.

#race #woke #church


Segment #3: Tweet of the Week: How Can We Be Saved?

Krista spend more time on Twitter than is probably wise. This week, this one caught her eye. Is this really all there is being a Christian?

#salvation #theology


Segment #4: Should we be racially "color blind"?

We rounded out the show with a lively exchange about a very common question. Monique explains her thoughts about the downsides of this popular phrase.

#race #colorblind

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