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Krista Bontrager is a Christian theologian and apologist specializing in race, justice, and Bible interpretation


Krista's ministry approach follows the pattern of JP Moreland's book, Kingdom Triangle. Dr. Moreland outlines the three pillars that he thinks are needed in order to revitalize the church and help Christians walk in maturity: 1) advocate for a rigorous life of the Christian mind, 2) renovate the soul through the practice of spiritual disciplines, and 3) walk in the power of the Holy Spirit. 

If you benefit from Krista's teachings, please ask the Lord whether He would have you partner with her by supporting this ministry with a financial gift. Krista and her husband, Robert, live 100% on missionary support. Your gifts help to support Krista and Robert so they can continue to build new resources. If that’s something the Lord prompts you to do, you can do that through this link to the Center for Biblical Unity web site. Thanks in advance for taking a moment to ask the Lord about being part of this faith-based ministry.

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