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Krista Bontrager is a fourth generation Bible teacher. She is an author, podcaster, and former university professor. Krista has a unique ability to communicate connect theology with real life. She has dedicated her life to helping others discover how to love God in Spirit and truth.​



D.Min. Apologetics
Birmingham Theological Seminary


M.A. Bible Exposition
Talbot School of Theology


M.A. Theology

Talbot School of Theology


B.A. Communications
Biola University


Krista specializes in the doctrine of creation, the integration of general and special revelation, science apologetics, worldview development, theology of ethnicity, justice, and issues related to culture and politics. 

I Believe

Krista is a strong advocate for historic Christianity. She holds convictions consistent with the following statements of faith:

Read Krista's blog post about her denominational journey.

Krista maintains an active membership in the Evangelical Theological Society.

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