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10 Reflections on the Overturning of Roe

Now that I've had a few days to process the Roe decision, I wanted to share a few, very brief, thoughts.

1. I never thought I'd ever live to see Roe overturned. Never. Ever. I was truly shocked. Governments rarely return rights.

2. I want to say thank you to every Christian who has stood for the dignity of the preborn, over the last 50 years. To every person who started a march or went to march, started an adoption agency, or adopted or fostered a child, started, supported or volunteered at a PRC, stood in front of an abortion mill, prayed, did sidewalk counseling, or got arrested, started or volunteered at a woman's crisis shelter, I thank you.

You helped to build an amazing infrastructure of compassion and charity. You didn't wait for the government to tell you what to do. You simply read the Bible and figured out how to stand for life in your own unique way.

3. Shame on the Big Eva voices telling us, "Now the work begins to be pro-woman" or "Churches need to step up and help women in crisis." You sound like you are erasing the efforts of hundreds of thousands of Christians who have already been doing that for 50 years.

True Christians will continue to do what we've already been doing. And we will continue to multiply those efforts with new and creative solutions, as the LORD leads and provides.

4. Given how many pastors interrupted their preaching schedule or posted a black square to raise awareness two years about about BLM, I wonder how many did the same to praise the Roe decision.

5. "Making abortion unthinkable" appears to be the new Big Eva code words for trying to guilt Christians into thinking that they must now advocate for XYZ social programs in order to TRULY be pro-life. Making big government a person's provider is not the way.

6. We need to have a discussion about how to balance compassion for moms and rescuing the preborn, with also being a prophetic voice against adultery and hookup culture. We must not be so overrun with preaching compassion that we forget to teach repentance.

7. Abortion affects a staggering number of men and women, even in our churches. If you are hurting due to unresolved abortion regret or trauma, contact your local pregnancy resource center (PRC). They have resources to help you. Forgiveness and healing are available.

8. Now is the time to equip yourself to put forward arguments to defend the life of the preborn as fully human, both biblically and scientifically. Here are some places to start, including Scott Klusendorf's ministry, Life Training Institute. Now is also the time to educate yourself scientifically about medical technologies that are connected to the pro-life conversation, including IVF, Plan B, and hormonal birth control.

9. It's really ok to celebrate when God's justice wins in the public square. Really. I'm with Kevin DeYoung on this.

10. May God have mercy on our country. May He delay judgment a bit longer so that more may come to repentance.


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