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Dignity of the Developmentally Disabled

Being created in the image of God doesn't just inform how we think about race issues. It also extends to honoring the dignity of the disabled. I developed a short teaching series to help us develop a distinctly Christian perspective on this very practical issue.

In part 1, I outlined the biblical case for the dignity of the disabled.

The following Saturday, we hit this topic again on our podcast, All The Things. We talked to Rhianna Sanford, the mom of a daughter with special needs. Rhianna offered a lot of practical insight for local churches to consider for how they might support families with special needs children.

In the final installment of this teaching series, I had a frank and practical discussion with my aunt and uncle about their journey to take care of their adult child who is developmentally disabled and the role their faith has played. Special Guests: Rev. Virgil T. Leih and Pat Sandburg Leih


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